Monday, July 13, 2015

TH9 Journey - [Day 6]

Short progress update ...

Research lab update done. Started with Hogs lvl 5 research. Couldn't manage DE needed so gemmed it to make it happen.

AQ going to lvl 3 now in 1 day.

Spell factory will be ready in 10 hours before battle day of today's war. Will use that builder to place 4th hidden tesla before battle day starts.

2 more builders busy in x-bow (getting free after 2.5 days) and clan castle (4.5 more days)

The DE requirement in TH 9 is just infinite ... getting a feel of it now ....

Thursday, July 9, 2015

TH9 Journey - Here it starts - [The D-Day]

Finally TH9 has arrived ....

And here is the plan to get it working asap. First, I have placed most of the new builds with minimal build time including Mighty Archer Queen followed by couple of updates. Following is the plan to set things up for first week-

Builder 1Builder 2Builder 3Builder 4
Immediate PlacementGiant Bomb, AQ, 2 Seeking Air mines, Gold & Elixir Storages, Archer Tower, 25 walls to purple level
Day 1New Wizard Tower (12 hrs)Archer Tower lvl 2 (15 mins)AQ lvl 2 (12 hrs)
Research Lab Upgrade (5 days)
New Air Defense (5 hrs)
Day 2New Tesla (1 Day)
x-bow (7 days)
Spell Factory (5 days)
Day 3New Air Sweeper
Day 4clan castle - may be if I get 5m gold (7 days)
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8

So, on the first day of TH9 itself, I have AQ, x-bow, 4th AD, 6th Archer tower, 4th Wizard tower and all new buildings except 2nd Air sweeper.

Once this is done, I will focus on upgrading army camps and upgrading my dark barracks to unlock witch which is great for ground attacks. My main focus is going to be on attack troops and heroes. Heroes is going to be the first priority. 

At TH 9, you have around 150 builder days to bring your AQ to max level 30 and similar time for BK to level 30.  Most people keep this upgrade at the end or skip it and go to TH 10. But I will be doing this as priority 1. 150 days => 5 months .. adding a month extra, I have kept a target of 6  months to max my AQ and BK.

Also, lab upgrades are around 140 days. if I am able to keep my lab busy all the time, I should be able to complete all researches in 5 to 6 months and have fully maxed troops at TH 9.

Building upgrades are around 550 builder days. Considering 2-3 builders on this, its going to take 200-250 days which is around 7 to 8 months. Thats my plan to max TH9. Lets see how it goes ...

Also, from this week, I will be posting  updates about our wars every week. It might be a summary and few nice attacks.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

TH9 Journey - Unexpected Cost of DE Spell Factory + Time to Get Into 8 Days Shield - [3 days before D-Day]

Last week Supercell released a big update introducing a dark spell factory, lvl 5 dragons and lot of other things. As you all know, King MandY is under the process of going to TH9 in next 3 days. But this DE spell factory has popped up in between and is available from TH 8 hence it has to be placed immediately.

I was having enough resources to place it, use my first ever poison spell and do first upgrade as well to unlock earth quake. Also, in research lab, I have given lvl 2 of poison spell for 25K DE. The dark spells are really good and it had benefitted me nicely during the war attack killing lvl 6 cc wizards in seconds.

The only problem is it disturbed my calculation of hitting TH9 with max of every resource :(

So, as I still have little less than 3 days to go, I will be raiding full day today to make up that cost. To make it full, I need 4.5 million elixir and 37K DE. I cant make that much in one day, so let me try and see how much I can make.

By the day end, I will enter into 8 day shield and share the screenshot.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

TH9 Journey - Before you begin - [10 days before D-Day]

Finally, I have maxed my TH 8 including walls and now its time to move to TH 9 which is one of the most exciting journey in Clash of Clans progression. I know I am going to need lot of resources and time to master it. In terms of numbers, they look like following-

QuantityGold Elixir Dark Elixir Time (days)
Building Upgrades 124203,696,550 57,148,550 - 526
Hero Upgrades 50 - - 4,247,500 293
Research Lab Upgrades 19 - 39,800,000 315,000 129
Wall Upgrades 250 1,020,530,000 - - -
Total 1,228,226,550 96,948,550 4,562,500 947 

On the blog, I am planning to post my weekly progress on TH 9. I have started the research 2 hours back and it will be ready in 10 days. There are few things which I already prepared and few I am going to do in next 10 days. These are very important things to make yourself fully ready when the new town hall arrives.

As you can see in the screenshot, I have collected some resources already before hitting that TH 9 button. The idea is to have full house of resources when you hit the new town hall so that you can quickly spend it on important buildings and don't become easy prey to higher targets during early phase. Following are the options available to keep the resources-

  1. At TH8, you already have 6 million gold and elixir capacity and 80K DE in storages. Make sure they are absolutely full on D-Day.
  2. You have 6 mines each can hold 200K gold making it another 1.2 million. DE in drills is approximately 1K.
  3. Additionally, you clan castle can hold around 1.2 million gold, elixir and 4.8K DE.

Resource Collection
Clan Castle1,200,0001,200,0004,800

Your gold and elixir mines produce 3.5K resources every hour. Means with a capacity of 200K, you can keep approximately 2.5 days worth of resources right inside collectors itself. So, make sure your Gold and Elixir storages become full before 2.5 days of D-Day so that rest of the resources can be kept in collectors.

Also, if you have 2 wars during that period, you can easily full your clan castle with 1.2 million resources depending on war results and bases you attack.

Having full 80K DE is definitely a help. Because you want to place your Archer Queen immediately when you hit D-Day. That costs 40K DE. Having additional 40K will help you to upgrade her initial levels quickly and give hogs lvl 5 research when your new lab is up (after 5 days of D-Day) which costs 50K DE.

Now the question is how you will defend your resources during 10 days of upgrade ? For this, the way I suggest is not tried by many ... use GEMS and buy shield. This is bit controversial and some may suggest earn whatever you loose by raiding. I leave the choice to you. I will be going the shield way. I will be using shield for 10 days - 1D + 2D + 7D shield costing total of 500 Gems. But the shield will begin 5 days before D-Day and 5 days after it by the time my research lab gets ready.

Hope this much intro is enough to begin with ...  So ... Let the Journey begin ...

As promised, I will keep posting my progress here. So stay tuned :)

Next Post: TH9 Journey - Unexpected Cost of DE Spell Factory + Time to Get Into 8 Days Shield - [3 days before D-Day]

Monday, January 19, 2015

About Me

Hello everyone .... This is King MandY of Clash of Clans !!!

I love playing strategy and tycoon games. My current love is Clash of Clans which I started playing June 2014. King MandY is my primary account.

In first couple of months I reached TH 7 and thats the point I started researching about the game. Have watched tones of youtube videos, read blogs, forums, reddit posts n all .. its really a long long endless journey. It took me around 5 months to max TH8 which I did by May 2015 end. After staying there for a month and mastering TH 8 attack strategies, I decided to move on to TH 9 [started on 29th June 2015] and will keep posting my progress here regularly.

I also have secondary account with name Agent Smith which is around 2 months behind first. I will be stalling that account at max TH 8 as i no longer get time to continue playing with two active accounts. I will use it only for clan donations and wars.

I am currently part of clan - NOLA (#JYG2CJP) . A great clan started by chumley and couple of his friends from New Orleans. I joined this clan in December 2014 and really enjoy it being here. We have people mostly from US and few of my friends from India. In June 2015, we have reached to lvl 5 clan and 100+ war wins !!!

And Yes ... we are recruiting ... But only mature players who want to take it seriously and learn :)