Sunday, July 5, 2015

TH9 Journey - Unexpected Cost of DE Spell Factory + Time to Get Into 8 Days Shield - [3 days before D-Day]

Last week Supercell released a big update introducing a dark spell factory, lvl 5 dragons and lot of other things. As you all know, King MandY is under the process of going to TH9 in next 3 days. But this DE spell factory has popped up in between and is available from TH 8 hence it has to be placed immediately.

I was having enough resources to place it, use my first ever poison spell and do first upgrade as well to unlock earth quake. Also, in research lab, I have given lvl 2 of poison spell for 25K DE. The dark spells are really good and it had benefitted me nicely during the war attack killing lvl 6 cc wizards in seconds.

The only problem is it disturbed my calculation of hitting TH9 with max of every resource :(

So, as I still have little less than 3 days to go, I will be raiding full day today to make up that cost. To make it full, I need 4.5 million elixir and 37K DE. I cant make that much in one day, so let me try and see how much I can make.

By the day end, I will enter into 8 day shield and share the screenshot.

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