Thursday, July 9, 2015

TH9 Journey - Here it starts - [The D-Day]

Finally TH9 has arrived ....

And here is the plan to get it working asap. First, I have placed most of the new builds with minimal build time including Mighty Archer Queen followed by couple of updates. Following is the plan to set things up for first week-

Builder 1Builder 2Builder 3Builder 4
Immediate PlacementGiant Bomb, AQ, 2 Seeking Air mines, Gold & Elixir Storages, Archer Tower, 25 walls to purple level
Day 1New Wizard Tower (12 hrs)Archer Tower lvl 2 (15 mins)AQ lvl 2 (12 hrs)
Research Lab Upgrade (5 days)
New Air Defense (5 hrs)
Day 2New Tesla (1 Day)
x-bow (7 days)
Spell Factory (5 days)
Day 3New Air Sweeper
Day 4clan castle - may be if I get 5m gold (7 days)
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8

So, on the first day of TH9 itself, I have AQ, x-bow, 4th AD, 6th Archer tower, 4th Wizard tower and all new buildings except 2nd Air sweeper.

Once this is done, I will focus on upgrading army camps and upgrading my dark barracks to unlock witch which is great for ground attacks. My main focus is going to be on attack troops and heroes. Heroes is going to be the first priority. 

At TH 9, you have around 150 builder days to bring your AQ to max level 30 and similar time for BK to level 30.  Most people keep this upgrade at the end or skip it and go to TH 10. But I will be doing this as priority 1. 150 days => 5 months .. adding a month extra, I have kept a target of 6  months to max my AQ and BK.

Also, lab upgrades are around 140 days. if I am able to keep my lab busy all the time, I should be able to complete all researches in 5 to 6 months and have fully maxed troops at TH 9.

Building upgrades are around 550 builder days. Considering 2-3 builders on this, its going to take 200-250 days which is around 7 to 8 months. Thats my plan to max TH9. Lets see how it goes ...

Also, from this week, I will be posting  updates about our wars every week. It might be a summary and few nice attacks.

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