Monday, January 19, 2015

About Me

Hello everyone .... This is King MandY of Clash of Clans !!!

I love playing strategy and tycoon games. My current love is Clash of Clans which I started playing June 2014. King MandY is my primary account.

In first couple of months I reached TH 7 and thats the point I started researching about the game. Have watched tones of youtube videos, read blogs, forums, reddit posts n all .. its really a long long endless journey. It took me around 5 months to max TH8 which I did by May 2015 end. After staying there for a month and mastering TH 8 attack strategies, I decided to move on to TH 9 [started on 29th June 2015] and will keep posting my progress here regularly.

I also have secondary account with name Agent Smith which is around 2 months behind first. I will be stalling that account at max TH 8 as i no longer get time to continue playing with two active accounts. I will use it only for clan donations and wars.

I am currently part of clan - NOLA (#JYG2CJP) . A great clan started by chumley and couple of his friends from New Orleans. I joined this clan in December 2014 and really enjoy it being here. We have people mostly from US and few of my friends from India. In June 2015, we have reached to lvl 5 clan and 100+ war wins !!!

And Yes ... we are recruiting ... But only mature players who want to take it seriously and learn :)

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